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Per informazioni e iscrizioni:
+39 351 93 49 923

Courses start in October and follow the school calendar, with relative breaks during the holidays.  

The school year consists of 35 lessons.

Before or after this period there may be other activities offered free of charge.

The educational path includes different levels which do not necessarily correspond to a school year but to a didactic path.

TheFirst levelis aimed at new members. The first two group lessons consist of a trial period, in which all the instruments that make up the band are shown. In these two group lessons one hour, preparatory activities, listening activities, aptitude tests on all instruments will be carried out; each student will know the instruments of the music school in order to be able to choose more consciously the one on which to apply.

Starting from the third lesson, and for the rest of the school year, there are 32 weekly lessons. Each lesson includes 3 moments: tool, theory and music theory.

The students deemed suitable become part of the YOUTH BAND: this group allows the students to develop their skills by preparing essays, concerts and various demonstrations.

The natural course of study once the first level is completed includes:

  • Advanced Instrumental Course. Compulsory course for children who have already passed the first level e who are part of the Youth Band; is of indefinite duration and includes, in addition to the activity of the Youth Band,  weekly individual instrument lessons andensemble music

Once they have reached an adequate level of musical preparation and instrumental mastery, the students can become part of the CORPO BANDISTICO. At the same time they can continue their study path:

  • Specialization course. Addressed to effective members of the Band who want to continue studying their instrument, the band repertoire, whether classical or modern. It is optional and of unlimited duration, in addition to participation in the activity of the Band, it includes 30 individual instrument lessons per week and any other particular activities (instrumental ensembles, listening guides, seminars).

Per informazioni e iscrizioni:
+39 351 93 49 923

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